As I take on this new, at least for me, endeavor of blogging and sharing my thoughts in an open forum such as this I find myself considering my own expectations for my writing. Thinking about the goals that I wish to achieve through my ramblings and sharing my thoughts. Why wouldn’t I want to develop some goals?

So, for my first musing I present you with some of my hopes for my writtings. The first is that I hope to improve my writing skills beyond my preaching vocabulary. If you don’t know me yet there is a reason why I have two different vocabularies. Since I was born deaf and since undergone surgeries to improve my hearing, and before anyone asks, no I do not have cochlear implants. As a result of this I do have a speech impairment that limits what I can clearly convey through speech alone. I have learned what I can and cannot say clearly and adjusted my speech acordingly. Because of this my sermons are written using language that I am comfortable speeking, while in my writings I hope to use language that I have stored away because of pronunciation difficulties. I also recognize that my grammar is not the best and I ask for grace around that.

Another hope of mine is to enter into dialogue around issues that I consider from time to time. I do recognize that not everyone agrees with me on everything and that is perfectly alright. I welcome the opportunity to hear different viewpoints as long as it is in a constructive, non-judgmental way and I will seek to do the same. If you have any recommendations, suggestions, or requests feel free to send them my way.

Chris Snow